The project ‘Gamai Pansalai’ was launched by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress a few years ago to further strengthen the ties between the village and the temple. This is primarily a project initiated with the blessings of the resettled people in the North and the East.

A large number of construction work has been done under the Gamai Pansalai project and a number of relief projects have been carried out. Established in the Northern Province, the Dharmashala Building was constructed in the Monarawewa Mayurawapi Viharaya in the Mullaitivu District in the Northern Province. Further, the provision of constructions and relief supplies to the village of Kalyanapura III in the Northern Province and the theme of the village theme temple,

• Padavi – treating the shrine room at Meheni Aramaya in the Kalyananapura village and giving a new pre-school building to the relevant village

• Toilets facilities for every household under the toilet project

• Providing all educational equipment and uniforms required for pre-school

The Gamamai Pansai Project was started in the Eastern Province in 2018. Specialist Pathogenetical Dr. Chandika Epitakaduwa and Batticaloa Buddhist Association Chairman Dr. Thambawita made the donation to Poonani village to further extend the Gamai Pansalai project.

Further, the Gamayi Pansalai program continued with a focus on Pancha Maha Viharaya, the oldest temple in the Poonane village under the guidance of Devalankara Maha Nayake Thero of Dimbulagala Kithalagama Seelalankara Maha Thera. The services rendered by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress,

• Providing financial assistance for the pre-school and the school hall and the corresponding desk chairs

• Providing clothing for the pre-school children (the garment provided by Brandix) and Mrs. Malkanthi Krillana Vithana sponsoring the clothes.

• Provide books and educational kits for pre-school children (Mrs. Wijeklakshi Lenora sponsored the book cover and sponsored by Mrs. Chamini Hemachandra for Educational sets)

• Provide books, pens pencils, and other educational materials to the children of the relevant village.

By now, a large number of human hands have joined with the Gamayi Pansalai project. Sri Lankan doctors who work in the UK are also very supportive of the project. Furthermore, Mrs. Neelika Senanayake, Chairperson of the National Child Protection Board of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress, also provides surplus donations for the children’s homes that are administered by the National Child Protection Board to our projects.

The pre-school and community hall building of the Poonani village built by the Gamai Pansalai Project is being opened on 28th June 2019 by Hon. Chairman, Jagath Sumathipala. Deputy Chairman Chandra Nimal Wagista and Deputy Vice President Dr. Rani Fernando will be among the distinguished invitees.

You also can join this team of people in this marvellous program of saving Buddhist culture.